Breast Actives Side Effects.

Breast-ActivesJust like with any supplement, many women who are interested in trying Breast Actives products for breast enhancement want to know whether they are safe to use and will they cause any side effects. Since Breast Actives is around for a couple of years already you can determine potential side effects of this product by reading reviews of people who already tried it. It can be said that from the many user testimonials that are available online, no user mentions any serious side effects of using these breast enhancement products (supplement and cream). The only thing that a few testimonials mentioned was that they felt a slight tenderness and pain in their breasts. However this is quite normal effect because you might have felt the same thing while your breasts were growing when you were young. Due to this it can be assumed that Breast Actives is a side effects free product to use.

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The other way to determine potential negative effects of this supplement and cream is to look at separate ingredients that are included in formulation of these products. Since all of the components in formulation of these breast enhancement products are natural and are either herbs or plant extracts the risk of potential side effects is very low. This is because quite a lot of these herbs are used even in higher dosages to treat various medical conditions and they rarely result in negative effects on health. Bellow you can find a list of the main ingredients that are included in Breast Actives (in highest dosages) and their potential side effects.

supplement-ingredient-safetyIngredient that is included in Breast Actives supplement in the highest dosage is Fenugreek (400 mg). Consumption of this ingredient is considered to be completely safe and it only causes side effects in rare cases. Some of these side effects include stomach upset, gas, diarrhea and bloating. Also it is worthwhile to mention that Fenugreek should not be used by children and women who are either breastfeeding or pregnant. Also this herb can have an effect on blood sugar levels so people who have diabetes should watch their blood sugar levels more closely while taking it.

The next ingredient in a supplement that is included in high dosage is Fennel (350 mg). There doesn’t seem to be any known side effects of this plant except that it might make skin more sensitive to sun for a small number of people. It is also worthwhile to mention that some sources suggest not using Fennel for people who have a medical condition, which is sensitive to hormones. This is mainly because this plant acts in a similar manner as estrogen does.

One more ingredient that is included in these pills in a bit larger dosage is Dong Quai (250 mg). This plant is also considered to be safe to use for most adults (in moderate dosages) and the only potential side effect of Dong Quai is that it might increase skins sensitivity to sun. However this side effect is rare and even if you will experience it you can use a sun cream.

breast-actives-cream-potential-side-effectsSince the main ingredient in Breast Actives cream is Pueraria Mirifica it is worthwhile to look at potential side effects of this plant too. In general usage of this plant is considered to be safe and it can cause side effects only in rare cases (more commonly when large dosages are being used). Some of these side effects include delayed menstrual period, fatigue, headache and diarrhea. The other thing to know about this plant is that it is not recommended to be used for certain groups of people. These include pregnant & breastfeeding women and people with cancer (breast, colon or prostate).

The next ingredient that is included in a cream in larger dosage is Red Clover Extract. Usage of this plant extract is considered to be completely safe and it can cause negative effects only for a small number of people. Some possible side effects include headache, muscle ache and nausea. Since it affects hormone balance it is best to avoid usage of Red Clover by women who are nursing or pregnant and people who have medical conditions sensitive to hormone changes.

After reviewing the main ingredients included in Breast Actives it can be said that all of them are completely safe to use for most individuals and they might only cause side effects in rare cases. The other thing to keep in mind is that all of these herbs are included in Breast Actives only in small dosages, which makes it even less likely to experience negative effects that are mentioned above. In case you want to do a short research on all of the herbs & extracts that are included in Breast Actives and find out more about their safety you can find a full list of ingredients in this article.

Since quite a lot of these reviewed herbs are not recommended to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, it might be better not to use Breast Actives in these cases too. Also since quite a lot of these ingredients affect hormone levels it might be safer not to use these breast enhancement products for people who have a condition, which is sensitive to higher exposure to estrogen.