Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement.

Looking for some natural ways how to enlarge your breasts? The good news is that there are quite a lot of home remedies that can be used at a comfort of your home and are proven to provide great results for many women in terms of breast enhancement. Bellow you can find 6 most popular natural home remedies that can help you increase the size of your breasts within just a couple of month time.

1. Fenugreek.

fenugreek-powder-home-remedyOne of the most popular and most importantly effective home remedy for breast enlargement is using fenugreek powder. It can not only increase the size of your breasts, but also make them firmer. It works by increasing the production of prolactin and also by imitating the effect of estrogen, which both are extremely beneficial for larger breasts.

To use this home remedy you will need a quarter bowl of fenugreek powder and also some water. You should mix these two elements in order to make a paste. Then you should apply this paste on your breasts so that everything would be covered. A short massage might be beneficial too, since it can help to absorb this ingredient a bit better. For the best results the paste should be left on your breasts for about 20-25 minutes and then simply wash it off with water.

Alternatively you can also buy fenugreek in a form of supplement. Depending on the brand you might choose, use it according to the dosages provided on the label.

2. Fennel Seeds.

fennel-seeds-for-breast-enhancementThe other popular herb that is used as home remedy for breast enhancement is fennel. The seeds of this herb contains flavonoids, which in are effective in increasing breast tissue growth.

This remedy should be used in combination with cod liver oil. To prepare this home remedy you should add approximately three spoons of fennel seeds into this oil and heat it in the pan until the seeds become red. After that filter the seeds and allow for the oil to cool. Then apply this oil on your breast by massaging them. For the best effect leave it for about half an hour and repeat daily until you start seeing noticeable results.

In case you are not a big fan of home remedies you can also find fennel in a form of pill and use it orally. Fennel Seeds isĀ also commonly included component in various breast enhancement products.

3. Red Lentils.

red-lentils-natural-remedyOne more easy and cheap remedy to try at home in order to enlarge your breasts is red lentils. The reason why red lentils are beneficial for breast growth is because they contain high volumes of phytoestrogens, which are known to be able to naturally enlarge breast tissues.

To prepare this home remedy you should leave some lentils in warm water for up to two hours. After that you should crunch them in order to make a paste. Then apply this paste on your breasts and leave it for about 30 minutes. Afterwards wash it off with water and repeat this daily until your breasts becomes firmer and larger in size.

The other way to benefit from red lentils in terms of breast enlargement would be to add this food to your diet and eat it more constantly.

4. Saw Palmetto.

saw-palmettoOne more herb that seems to be effective for breast enlargement is saw palmetto. This herb is beneficial for breast size since it contains phyto-nutrients that can help to increase breast tissues. There are quite a lot of supplements containing this herb in their formulation. So in order to get benefits from this herb in terms of breast enhancement simply buy a supplement containing saw palmetto and use it daily according to recommendations. Most users report noticeable results within one or two month usage.

5. Onion Juice.

onions-for-breast-enlargementThe other quite well-known natural home remedy for breast enlargement is onion juice. In order to make this remedy you should mix this juice with turmeric powder and some honey. After you make this mixture you should massage it to your breasts for a couple of minutes. It can be said that it is kind of inconvenient remedy since for the best results you would need to leave it on your breasts during the whole night and also onions have a bit annoying smell. To see improvement in both size and breast firming you should use this remedy a few times per week and for up to two months.

6. Marshmallow Root Extract.

natural-home-remediesMarshmallow root extract is also quite well-known home remedy used to enchase the size of breasts. This extract can be used in two ways in order to be effective for enhancement of breasts. The first way would be to drink this extract for a period of two months while taking a week break at the end of one month. The second way to use this extract would be to make a compress for your breasts. It is recommended to soak some marshmallow root extract into a towel and place it on your breasts for about 20-30 minutes daily. However it is important to mention that this home remedy requires quite a lot of patience since usually results are seen after three or even more months.