Foods that can increase Breast Size.

If you want to increase the size of your breasts naturally it is possible to do so by adding certain foods into your diet. What almost all sources about breast enlargement agree on is that having a diet that is rich in both vegetables and fruits is beneficial. This is because eating more of them can help to control the production of testosterone more efficiently. As it is quite well-known too high levels of testosterone in the body can negatively affect estrogen levels, which is a hormone responsible for breast development and size. So by eating enough of fruits and vegetables you can keep testosterone under control. Also these foods are beneficial for general health so it always a good idea to consume more of them.

Since breasts are mostly made of fatty tissue, eating more foods high in fat can also be beneficial for breast enlargement. However the main problem with this idea is that you do not have any control on where this fat might accumulate in your body. So basically by increasing your breast size this way you might end up gaining weight on other parts of your body too. This method should be definitely avoided if you have a tendency to accumulate weight in other parts of your body such as belly, thighs and not breast area.

The other types of foods that you might consider eating more constantly are phytoestrogen rich foods. These plant based estrogens act in a quite similar manner as estrogen and are able to affect breast tissue. For this reason it is thought that eating foods that are rich in plant based estrogen can help to enchase the size of breasts. Bellow you can find a list of some of the foods that contain the highest volumes of phytoestrogen in them.

flax-seeds-breast-size1. Flax seeds are among top seeds that contain high levels of phytoestrogens (379,380 mcg/100 g), which are quite commonly referred to as lignans. These seeds are quite commonly added to cereals and bread so you can consume them by eating other foods. Also you can eat them alone or add them to your salads, yoghurt and etc. It is also important to mention that there were a few studies done on this food in order to investigate if is beneficial for women with breast cancer. The results of one study concluded that flax seeds can in fact reduce the growth of tumor in breast cancer patients.

2. Garlic is quite commonly considered as one of the healthiest foods since it can help to treat various diseases and it is extremely beneficial for our health. Additionally garlic contains high levels of phytoestrogen (603 mcg/100g); therefore it can help with breast enhancement too. Since garlic have a specific taste it might be quite difficult for some people to eat it alone; however there are quite a lot of meals that you can add it to and enjoy all the health benefits of this food.

3. Just like flax seeds, sesame seeds also contain high volumes of phytoestrogens (8008 mcg/100g); therefore can be beneficial for enlargement of breasts. These seeds have quite good taste so it is often added to various meals and salads. Additionally you can also try sunflower and fennel seeds, which are rich sources of estrogen too.

soy-foods-for-breast-enhancement4. Soybeans are among the top soy products that contain the highest amounts of isoflavones. In fact all of the soy foods are rich in isoflavones and soybeans in particular contain 103920 mg/100g of phytoestrogens. So by adding moderate amounts of soybeans into your diet you can safely increase the levels of estrogen in your body. Other soy products that might be beneficial for increasing estrogen levels are SoymilkTofu and Soy Yoghurt. Soymilk on average has 2957 mcg/100g of phytoestrogens. Since Tofu is made from soymilk it also contains high levels of plant based estrogens (27150 mcg/100g). Additionally soy products are a good source of fiber, proteins; therefore they are beneficial for general health too. However it is important to avoid genetically modified soy products and only choose organic ones.

5. Certain types of breads also have high levels of plant based estrogen so it might be a good idea to eat more of it too. For instance flax bread can contain as much as 7540 mcg/100g while multigrain bread 4799 mcg/100g of phytoestrogens. So in case you are already eating bread it might be worthwhile to change it to either flax or multigrain bread.

6. Dried apricots are another food that contains high volumes of estrogen (445mcg/100g). If you are not a big fan of this particular food dried dates and prunes seems to have quite similar effect too.