Does Breast Actives actually work?

One of the things that you should know before buying any breast enhancement supplement or cream is that they do not work for all women. Also they tend to provide different results since some women notice increase in size while others notice improvement in shape and fullness. However it is worthwhile to mention that results mostly depend on the length of time you use these products. In most cases first noticeable results are firmer and fuller breasts and after longer usage you should notice increase in breast size too. Also it is important to point out that for some women supplements work better than creams and vice versa.

Is Breast Actives a Scam?

In my opinion Breast Actives is definitely not a scam. This is because this product is around for a couple of years already and women who already tried it and noticed improvement keep using it for many months. In most cases companies that sell scam products disappears within just a couple of months. This is however not the case with Breast Actives and it can be said that popularity of this product grown so much that it will be probably around for many years in advance. However as it was mentioned previously breast augmentation products does not work all the time. This is because all breast enhancement products are based on similar herbs and extracts that are aimed at providing you with more phytoestrogens and regulating certain hormones. While these effects from natural herbs and extracts seem to work for most women it doesn’t for others. Even clinical trials on separate ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica showed that it works only on ~70%-88% women. However a combination of more different ingredients in one product like Breast Actives can definitely provide users with even a better success rate.

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Reasons why Breast Actives work so well.

breast-actives-workOne of the main reasons why Breast Actives works so well for most women is it’s well selected formulation. In fact many similar supplements or creams for breast enlargement only contains half a dosage of ingredients and require users to take more pills daily in order to achieve similar results. It can be said that the ingredients in both Breast Actives products are well selected for their effectiveness for breast enlargement. For instance a supplement of Breast Actives includes high dosages of Fennel, Fenugreek, Dong Quai, Dandelion, Blessed Thistle, which are all known for their ability to enhance breast size. The cream of Breast Actives contains Pueraria Mirifica, which in 2 clinical trials was proven to be effective for 70%-88% participants. Women who took Pueraria Mirifica either noticed improvement in firmness or size and better results were achieved with higher dosages of this extract (800 mg). There are also more than ten other ingredients and extracts in this cream that can help to improve effectiveness of this cream. So with Breast Actives you would be getting all these proven to work extracts and herbal ingredients for breast enhancement in two products, which can definitely enchase your results rather than using these components separately. The other reason why Breast Actives works so well is because it offers two products in one that work from both inside and outside. So you can get far better results than compared with other similar brands that offer either a cream or a supplement.

Due to popularity of Breast Actives product there are also many reviews and consumer testimonials online that confirm its effectiveness. While it certainly does not work for all women, the success rate is quite high. In fact it can be said that this product has one of the best feedbacks from consumers when compared with similar supplements or creams. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Breast Actives bellow.


Even though Breast Actives does work for most users it might be also worthwhile to try to follow a certain exercise routine or diet that can also help to improve the appearance of your breasts. In fact when you order any Breast Actives product there will be also additional bonuses included – exercise plan, massage routines and diet plan. These additional bonuses are specifically designed for women who want to enchase their breast size and combining these products together will guarantee the best possible results.