Curvinexx review.

Curvinexx-breast-augmentation-supplementWhat you should know about Curvinexx?

Curvinexx is a supplement designed to naturally lift and firm your breasts. Natural ingredients found in the pill can help to increase your cup size and also it will make your breasts look perkier, curvier, fuller and rounder. Since only natural components are present in the pill it will not cause any risks to your help or unwanted side effects. The manufacturer of Curvinexx also claims that women who use this supplement don’t experience any weight gain, which might be a case with some other lower quality products.

What ingredients are included?


In order to better understand how Curvinexx works it is important to look at the ingredients included in this supplement. The formulation of the pill consist of proprietary blend that contains many different herbs and components. All of these ingredients are very common in any successful breast enlargement product so it can be said that Curvinexx can definitely work well for increasing the size of your breasts. Bellow you can find a full list of ingredients included in this supplement and how they work for breast enhancement.

  • Fenugreek Seed is quite commonly considered as one of the most effective and natural herbs for breast enlargement. This herb can be beneficial for breast growth in two ways. First of all it has quite a similar effect as estrogen does, so it can stimulate tissue growth. Second of all it helps to produce prolactin, which is a hormone that is also responsible for breast tissue growth.
  • Fennel Seed contains flavonoids that works by stimulating breast tissue growth.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry was used by females to enhance the size of breasts for many years. It is thought that it works by increasing the production of prolactin. This hormone is known to be able to increase milk production and also breast size.
  • Pueraria Mirifica root is another popular herb, which is found in various breast enhancement supplements and creams. The reason why it is considered as an effective ingredient is because it contains high levels of different phytoestrogens.
  • Dandelion Root works by cleaning toxins from your body, which allows other ingredients in a supplement to work more efficiently. Some studies even show that it can be effective in stopping the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • Don Quai root works by increasing estrogen levels in the body, which is beneficial for breast enlargement.
  • Kelp contains a few types of plant based estrogens such as Deoxymiroestrol and Miroestrol; therefore it can be beneficial for breast growth.

Other ingredients: L-Tyrosine, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Calcium Carbonate.

What do other people reviews say?

While Curvinexx is not as popular breast enhancement product as others reviewed in this website you can still find quite a lot positive testimonials from consumers online. Read a few reviews of Curvinexx from Amazon site bellow.

Review #1: These enhancement supplements didn’t change the size of my chest overnight. I had to take them for almost two months for me to start seeing progress. Since I’ve been taking it, I’ve seen my breasts are appearing fuller and perkier and have grown close to a cup.

Review #2: I used this product and ran out so I did without it for a while. I could definitely tell a difference. So I ordered more and now I am convinced more than ever. All I can say is it works for me!

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How to use it?

The maximum recommended dosage of Curvinexx is 4 pills per day. Depending on how fast you want to see results you can either take 2 pills once or 2 pills twice per day. Each bottle of Curvinexx contains 50 pills so if you will take larger dosage per day it will be not enough to use it for the whole month. So in case you intend to take 4 pills daily you should consider getting a more advanced package.

What is the price of Curvinexx and where to buy?


The price of Curvinexx depends on how many packages you will choose to buy. For instance at the moment you can buy one bottle for as little as ~$17 and three bottles for ~$30 on Amazon. However it is a discount price so it can increase at any time. In case you will decide to try this particular brand you should consider buying at least three month supply. This is because supplements for breast enlargement almost always require at least a couple of month usage to notice results.

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Should you buy Curvinexx?

As a whole Curvinexx seems like a quite solid product for breast enlargement. What makes it quite appealing supplement to try is the fact that it is quite cheap compared to similar products. Also most women who tried it confirm that they noticed improvement in the size, firmness and etc. However it is important to point out that while ingredients in formulation are quite well selected in this supplement the dosage of proprietary blend is only 650 mg per pill. When we compare it to breast enhancement products like Breast Actives or Total Curve it can be said that the dosages are lower by more than two times with Curvinexx. So you would probably need to take more pills daily to get the same effect as with these two products. Also Curvinexx only offers a supplement and doesn’t provide a cream for breast enhancement, which can be seen as a drawback for some women.