What Foods to eat for bigger Breasts.

If you tend to add a lot of vegetables to your diet daily this can be beneficial for having bigger breasts too. Eating enough of vegetables is not only good for general health, but also it can help avoid hormonal imbalances. When you choose which vegetables to eat for bigger breasts it might be better to choose the one that contain plant based estrogens too. Some good examples of vegetables that include phytoestrogens are soya bean sprouts (790 mcg/100g), winter squash (114 mcg/100g), green beans (106 mcg/100g) and collards (101 mcg/100g).

The same as vegetables, eating more fruits can help to control testosterone levels in the body easier. While all fruits are beneficial, it might be a better idea to choose the ones that also contain phytoestrogens too. This way you will not only lower testosterone production, but also provide your body with additional plant based estrogens that can help to enlarge breast tissues. Some of the best examples of fruits that contain moderate amounts of phytoestrogens are apples (18 mcg/100g), strawberries (52 mcg/100g), peaches (65 mcg/100g), raspberries (48 mcg/100g) and others.

flax-seeds-breast-sizeSeeds are also among the most beneficial foods can help to make breasts larger. This is because they contain high levels of natural plant based estrogens that might help to promote breast size. Additionally seeds contain moderate amounts of fiber, minerals, proteins, Vitamin E therefore it is advantageous for preventing various diseases and keeping you healthy. Some of the best seeds to consume are sesame, flax, sunflower and fennel seeds. While eating all these different seeds alone might be not very appealing for some women, but they can be easily added to other meals like salads, yoghurt and etc.

If you will spend time researching what foods are beneficial for breast growth you will find that almost every article suggest to eat more soy products. The reason behind this is that soy has one of the highest levels of phytoestrogens, which might stimulate breast growth. Some of the good choices of soy products are tofu, soy milk, soybeans, soy yoghurt and etc. Furthermore soy products also contain high levels of protein therefore can help to build new tissues in the body or repair damage ones.

vitamins-for-breast-healthThe consumption of certain vitamins can be also beneficial for breasts; however it is important to point out that they will have better results on skin rather than growth. One of these is vitamin A, which works by nourishing skin of your breasts and making them more firm. Some good sources of this vitamin in food are kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, beet greens, mustard greens and etc. The other beneficial vitamin for bigger breasts is vitamin C. This is mainly because it helps your body to make a compound called collagen. Since this component is part of a skin layer it can help to make breasts look more firm and toned. The best sources of this vitamin in food are bell peppers, papaya, broccoli, pineapple and strawberries and others. Even though vitamin E doesn’t have significant breast growth properties, but it can help your skin to become more elastic, which in turn is a great starting point for breast enhancement. Also some studies indicate that this vitamin can be beneficial for preventing breast cancer. To get more vitamin E from diet you should eat avocado, spinach, sunflower seeds and almonds. If you want to get more A, C, E vitamins you should either eat more foods that contain them or start taking a supplement that includes them.

While there are not so many phytoestrogens found in drinks compared to foods, but it is still worthwhile to mention a few. One of the highest levels of plant based estrogens is found in red wine (53 mcg/100g). Some other drinks to mention are green tea (13 mcg/100g), white wine (13 mcg/100g) and black tea (3 mcg/100g). However these levels can’t be anywhere near compared to soymilk, which contains 2957 mcg/100g phytoestrogens. Additionally you can get creative and make a shake from fruits like strawberries, apples and other components that contain moderate amounts of pant based estrogen.

eat-nuts-for-bigger-breastsThe other type of food that can help get bigger breasts are nuts. This is because nuts are a great source of proteins and “good fats” that are needed for breast growth. Adding more nuts to your diet can be also advantageous for heart health and brain. In order to get the most out of nuts in terms of breast enlargement you should choose the ones that also contain phytoestrogens. Some of the highest amounts of plant based estrogens are found in pistachios (383 mcg/100g), chestnuts (210 mcg/100g), walnuts (140 mcg/100g) and cashews (122 mcg/100g).

Adding more foods that are rich in healthy fats might also help to enlarge breast size naturally. A good example of fats that should be eaten more constantly are omega 3 fatty acids. Some good sources of these healthy fatty acids are found in the foods like avocado, flax seeds, salmon, walnuts and tofu. However it is important to point out that it is best to avoid saturated fats, since they are not good for general health and might result in weight gain on other areas of the body.

How to increase Breast Size Naturally.

The first way to increase breast size naturally is to eat more foods that are rich in phytoestrogens. The reason why phytoestrogens can work well on enlargement of breasts is because they are able to mimic the effect of estrogen in women’s body. As it is quite well known estrogen is responsible for breast development and higher levels of this hormone can stimulate breast tissue growth. The list of foods that includes high levels of phytoestrogens is soy products like tofu, soybeans, soymilks, soy yoghurt and etc. Some other foods to mention are flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, dried apricots, dried dates and prunes. The other type of foods that should be eaten more constantly for breast enhancement is fruits and vegetables. Both of them are beneficial for breast enlargement because they can help to better manage testosterone production. Having excessive levels of testosterone in the body is quite commonly linked with slower breast growth. There are also certain vegetables such as beets, carrots and cucumbers that contain phytoestrogens so it is even more beneficial to eat them if you want to increase the size of your breasts. A list of fruits that contain moderate amounts of phytoestrogens are apples, cherries and plums. So these fruits and vegetables are able not only reduce testosterone, but also provide your body with pant based estrogens.

While it might be not very appealing for most women, but gaining weight is one of the most effective ways how you can increase the size of your breasts. This is because breasts mostly consist of fatty tissues, so when your weight increases so does the size of breasts. However it is important to mention that this method might be not suitable for women who tend to gain weight in other parts of the body.

natural-herbs-to-increase-breast-sizeThere are also quite a lot of natural herbs that have been used by women to enhance breasts for many years. These herbs contains high levels of phytoestrogens therefore are able to increase breast size. Since consumption of these herbs was a common practice throughout centuries it can be said that it is a safe way to get larger breasts without any severe side effects. Some of the most widely used herbs are fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel, wild yam, red clover, blessed thistle and etc. In case you will decide to use these herbs it is best to try them in smaller dosages in the beginning and then slowly increase the usage to recommended quantities. This way you will know how your body reacts to them and will avoid any possible side effects.

The second way to enhance the size of your breasts would be to try some natural home remedies. When it comes to breast enlargement some of the most popular remedies can be made from fenugreek powder and fennel seeds. These treatments are applied directly on the breasts and require some time, but by repeating them a couple of times per week you can certainly get some noticeable results. For people who are not big enthusiasts of home remedies it might be a good idea to find components listed in these treatments in a form of pill and use it orally.

push-ups-to-increase-breast-sizeThe next way how you can make your breasts look bigger is to do exercises that promote pectoral muscles. Due to the fact that these muscles a bellow your breasts, when they will increase in size your breasts will look bigger too. However since it actually doesn’t increase the size of breasts themselves and only makes them look bigger the results that can be achieved are usually quite minimal. Some of the most effective exercises for pectoral muscles are considered to be push-ups and pectoral flies. To achieve the best results it is usually advised to repeat these types of exercises 2-3 times per week.

The other way to increase the size of your breasts naturally is to start using breasts enhancement pills or creams. There are quite a lot supplements that contain a mix of herbs that are proven to be efficient for breast enhancement. These type of pills are quite popular among women and most of them get quite good results after a few months of usage. When choosing a particular brand to buy check the label of the product and make sure that it contains herbs like fenugreek, dong quai, saw palmetto, fennel, wild yam, red clover and etc. Breast enhancement creams are also quite popular among women who want to increase breast size. When choosing a particular cream brand look for ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica and the same herbs mentioned previously since they seem to work the best.

Another method that is thought to be effective for making breast larger is massages. It is believed that massaging your breasts daily for at least 10 minutes can help stimulate blood blow in the breast area and also enchase their size. You can also do these massages with breast enhancement cream or oil in order to get even better results.

Home Remedies for Breast Enlargement.

Looking for some natural ways how to enlarge your breasts? The good news is that there are quite a lot of home remedies that can be used at a comfort of your home and are proven to provide great results for many women in terms of breast enhancement. Bellow you can find 6 most popular natural home remedies that can help you increase the size of your breasts within just a couple of month time.

1. Fenugreek.

fenugreek-powder-home-remedyOne of the most popular and most importantly effective home remedy for breast enlargement is using fenugreek powder. It can not only increase the size of your breasts, but also make them firmer. It works by increasing the production of prolactin and also by imitating the effect of estrogen, which both are extremely beneficial for larger breasts.

To use this home remedy you will need a quarter bowl of fenugreek powder and also some water. You should mix these two elements in order to make a paste. Then you should apply this paste on your breasts so that everything would be covered. A short massage might be beneficial too, since it can help to absorb this ingredient a bit better. For the best results the paste should be left on your breasts for about 20-25 minutes and then simply wash it off with water.

Alternatively you can also buy fenugreek in a form of supplement. Depending on the brand you might choose, use it according to the dosages provided on the label.

2. Fennel Seeds.

fennel-seeds-for-breast-enhancementThe other popular herb that is used as home remedy for breast enhancement is fennel. The seeds of this herb contains flavonoids, which in are effective in increasing breast tissue growth.

This remedy should be used in combination with cod liver oil. To prepare this home remedy you should add approximately three spoons of fennel seeds into this oil and heat it in the pan until the seeds become red. After that filter the seeds and allow for the oil to cool. Then apply this oil on your breast by massaging them. For the best effect leave it for about half an hour and repeat daily until you start seeing noticeable results.

In case you are not a big fan of home remedies you can also find fennel in a form of pill and use it orally. Fennel Seeds is also commonly included component in various breast enhancement products.

3. Red Lentils.

red-lentils-natural-remedyOne more easy and cheap remedy to try at home in order to enlarge your breasts is red lentils. The reason why red lentils are beneficial for breast growth is because they contain high volumes of phytoestrogens, which are known to be able to naturally enlarge breast tissues.

To prepare this home remedy you should leave some lentils in warm water for up to two hours. After that you should crunch them in order to make a paste. Then apply this paste on your breasts and leave it for about 30 minutes. Afterwards wash it off with water and repeat this daily until your breasts becomes firmer and larger in size.

The other way to benefit from red lentils in terms of breast enlargement would be to add this food to your diet and eat it more constantly.

4. Saw Palmetto.

saw-palmettoOne more herb that seems to be effective for breast enlargement is saw palmetto. This herb is beneficial for breast size since it contains phyto-nutrients that can help to increase breast tissues. There are quite a lot of supplements containing this herb in their formulation. So in order to get benefits from this herb in terms of breast enhancement simply buy a supplement containing saw palmetto and use it daily according to recommendations. Most users report noticeable results within one or two month usage.

5. Onion Juice.

onions-for-breast-enlargementThe other quite well-known natural home remedy for breast enlargement is onion juice. In order to make this remedy you should mix this juice with turmeric powder and some honey. After you make this mixture you should massage it to your breasts for a couple of minutes. It can be said that it is kind of inconvenient remedy since for the best results you would need to leave it on your breasts during the whole night and also onions have a bit annoying smell. To see improvement in both size and breast firming you should use this remedy a few times per week and for up to two months.

6. Marshmallow Root Extract.

natural-home-remediesMarshmallow root extract is also quite well-known home remedy used to enchase the size of breasts. This extract can be used in two ways in order to be effective for enhancement of breasts. The first way would be to drink this extract for a period of two months while taking a week break at the end of one month. The second way to use this extract would be to make a compress for your breasts. It is recommended to soak some marshmallow root extract into a towel and place it on your breasts for about 20-30 minutes daily. However it is important to mention that this home remedy requires quite a lot of patience since usually results are seen after three or even more months.

Fenugreek and Breast Enlargement.

What you should know about Fenugreek?

fenugreek-seedWhile Fenugreek is used for many different conditions there are simply not enough of research done that would fully support its effectiveness on any of them. Some of the most common uses are for treating stomach upset and lessening constipation. Women mostly use fenugreek to boost their milk supply after having a baby. Men on the other hand use it for erectile dysfunction or a condition called hernia. Also it is worthwhile to mention that this herb might lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However since there is not sufficient evidence about its effectiveness on these conditions, it should be used with precaution.

Does Fenugreek work for Breast Enlargement?

Even though there are no clinical studies that would confirm Fenugreek’s effectiveness for breast growth, many women who try it notice increase in their breasts size. There is in fact a logical explanation why this herb works so well for breast enlargement. The first reason is that fenugreek contains a huge amount of phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens are known to be able to imitate estrogen, which is a hormone responsible for breast size.

The second reason why it works is because it boost the production of a hormone called prolactin. This hormone is also responsible for breasts growth, so by stimulating both of these hormones fenugreek is able to enhance the size of breasts for most women. Even though there is no proof that it actually works, many women notice improvement after taking a supplement of this herb. So if you are looking for a cheap way how to enchase the size of breast naturally it is definitely worthwhile to try this herb.

Are there any Side Effects?

In general usage of Fenugreek is considered safe and doesn’t cause side effects for most individuals. When higher dosages are being taken it is possible that some people might experience side effects such as dizziness, gas, swelling, diarrhea and trouble breathing. People who take fenugreek supplement and have diabetes should also closely monitor their blood sugar levels, since it might lower them.

Directions on How to Use it.

Due to the fact that Fenugreek comes in different forms, there are also several effective ways how it can be used for breast growth.

The first option would be to make a paste from fenugreek powder. To prepare a paste you would need to mix a small amount of fenugreek powder with water. In the next step apply this paste on your breasts and massage them for 5-10 minutes. After additional 10 minutes you can rinse the paste off with water. In order to get noticeable results from this natural remedy it is best to repeat it 1-2 times per day for a couple of months. Fenugreek powder can be purchased already prepared in most local stores. Alternatively you can prepare the powder yourself by dry roasting and grinding these seeds.

The second option would be to try fenugreek extract or essential oil. Since fenugreek is being prepared in liquid form too, you can use it for massaging your breasts on a daily bases.

The third way that you can benefit from fenugreek is to add it to your diet. Fenugreek seeds can be incorporated into some meals; however since they tend to have quite a strong flavor only small amounts are being used. You can easily find some recipes online that would contain fenugreek seeds as one of the ingredients. Alternatively you can also make a tea from fenugreek seeds and drink it a few times per day.

fenugreek-supplementThe most convenient way to get breast enhancement benefits from fenugreek is to use it in a form of pill & supplement. Depending of which brand of Fenugreek supplement you might choose, dosages of this herb also vary a lot. For instance Nature’s Way Fenugreek supplement contains 610 mg of this extract per pill and according to a label you need to take 2 pills per day. So you would be getting 1220 mg of this plant extract per day.

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Also you can find Fenugreek included in almost every breast enhancement supplement. In fact in most cases it is included in formulation as the main component so you can get a sufficient dosage of this component by choosing one of these breasts enlargement supplements. Some brands that include fenugreek in formulation are Breast Actives, Curvinexx and others. So you can enjoy all the benefits from fenugreek herb and a few other effective ingredients by using one of these products.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

The best way to know what results to expect from Fenugreek in terms of breasts enhancement is to look at consumer testimonials of people who already tried it. Since Fenugreek has different features and it is used for different purposes like increasing milk supply, feedback from users is very different. Read a few reviews of consumers who used Fenugreek for breasts enlargement bellow.


Pueraria Mirifica and Breast Growth.

What is Pueraria Mirifica?

Pueraria-Mirifica-plantPueraria Mirifica is a plant that grows locally in Thailand it was used locally to treat many medical conditions throughout years. The other name for this plant is Kwao Krua. Some of the benefits of using Pueraria Mirifica include lessening the symptoms of menopause and providing relief from vaginal itching or dryness. Since it works effectively to improve vaginal moisture it is beneficial plant for women who want to enhance their sexual desire. When it comes to menopause symptoms it works effectively to lessen symptoms such as night sweating and hot flashes. Also it is worthwhile to mention that supplements containing extract of this plant are advertised as being beneficial for strengthening nails and boosting breast size.

Does Pueraria Mirifica work for Breast Growth?

One reason why Pueraria Mirifica works effectively for breast enhancement is because it contains deoxymiroestrol and miroesrol compounds. These components are phytoestrogens, which works effectively to mimic the effect of estrogen in the body. What makes Pueraria Mirifica different from other similar herbs containing phytoestrogens is that flavonoids in this herb (deoxymiroestrol and miroesrol) have stronger activity on estrogen hormones. Due to higher potency of plant based estrogens it is considered to be more effective for stimulating breast growth than other well-known herbs such as Fenugreek or Fennel.

To evaluate effectiveness of Pueraria Mirifica for breast growth there were a few studies done on this herb. One of these studies included a total of 50 participants who took 100-600 mg dose of this extract daily. Results showed that Pueraria Mirifica was effective for ~70% of women who either noticed changes in firmness or size. The other study tried to compare effectiveness of lower and higher dosages of this herb. Results showed that Pueraria Mirifica is more effective when taken in higher dosages (800 mg). From a group of women who took 800 mg of this extract 82% noticed changes in size and 88% noticed improvement in firmness. Other participants in the study either took placebo or 400 mg of Pueraria Mirifica extract.

Pueraria-Mirifica-supplementHow to use it for Breast Enhancement?

In case you are interested in trying Pueraria Mirifica for breast growth you can easily find supplements containing extract of this herb. A good thing is that they are usually not very expensive and you can buy them for $15-20. One of the products offering 500 mg of this extract is Ainterol. You can buy it for less than $20 on Amazon.

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Since Pueraria Mirifica is a common ingredient in most popular breast enhancement creams and supplements you can get all the benefits from this herb by using one of these products. In case you are interested in creams containing extract of this herb one of the best choices for you might be Brestrogen. This cream contains Pueraria Mirifica extract as the only ingredient so by using this product you can expect maximum results from this herb. The other cream that contains this herb in formulation is Breast Actives; however unlike Brestrogen cream there are also additional ingredients in formulation. When choosing between these products it is important to point out that Brestrogen is a very expensive product (more than ~$125 for one month supply) and for this reason many users choose Breast Actives (less than $60 for two products). So depending on your budget you can choose one of these products.

Are there any Side Effects?

In general Pueraria Mirifica herb and supplements made from it are considered to be safe to use. Despite that it is possible that some users might experience side effects. The most usual side effects related to this herb include headache, vomiting and constipation. When too high dosages of Pueraria Mirifica extract are used it can lead to lower libido, decreased energy levels and increased weight. In case you experience side effects related to overdose you should lower dosage of a supplement you are taking and these negative effects will gradually disappear.

It is also important to know that consumption of supplements containing this herb extract is not recommended for certain groups of people. These groups include pregnant and breastfeeding women and people who have cancer (colon, cervical and breast cancers).

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

Depending on the supplement brand and the dosage of Pueraria Mirifica included in it, feedback from users in terms of breast growth varies a bit. Despite that in general it can be said that most testimonials confirm this extracts effectiveness for breast enhancement. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Pueraria Mirifica supplement that was used for breast growth bellow.

Review #1: It’s the only thing for breast enlargement I’ve ever purchased that’s actually worked. Definitely worth every penny…

Review #2: …My breasts are noticeably larger and definitely more sensitive to touch, and that’s what I was looking for.

Fennel Seeds and Breast Growth.

What you should know about Fennel Seeds.

fennel-seeds-breast-enhancementThese seeds come from Fennel herb, which is most commonly grown in Europe. It is used both in culinary and for medical purposes. While there is no clinical studies to support some of the uses of Fennel it was and still is used for lessening the symptoms of menopause, boosting libido and milk supply in breastfeeding women. It is also worthwhile to mention that women during Roman Empires used these seeds in order to lose weight. Other common uses include promotion of digestion and lessening of cough. Nowadays Fennel is also quite commonly included in breast augmentation products since it is thought that phytoestrogens in these seeds are able to enhance the shape and size of breasts.

Does Fennel Seeds actually increase Breast Size?

The answer to this question is definitely YES. Despite that it is important to point out that Fennel and similar herbs like Fenugreek doesn’t work 100% and usually it requires time and patience to see results. According to a couple of studies Fennel Seeds contain a couple of compounds (photoanethole, anethole and etc.), which works by stimulating estrogen production. It is quite well known that this hormone might influence the size of your breasts and for this reason Fennel works effectively to promote breast growth. Another study also suggests that Fennel contains licorice compound, which works effectively to enhance prolactin levels in the body. This hormone is responsible for breast milk supply so additionally it can also enhance the size of breast tissue.

Directions on How to use it?

fennel-seed-supplementThere are a few different ways how you can benefits from Fennel is terms of breast growth. First of all, you can buy raw fennel seeds in your local store or online. You can eat them alone or try to incorporate into other meals.

Second of all, there are a couple of supplements available, which offer Fennel in a form of a capsule. In most cases it is recommended to take one pill for two or three times per day.

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The third option would be to make a natural home remedy from raw fennel seeds. In addition to fennel seeds this remedy also requires cod liver oil. Simply add 2 teaspoons of fennel seeds and 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil and heat them in the pan. You should continue heating until seeds become red. After this strain the oil and leave it for some time until it becomes cool. In the next step you should apply this oil on your breasts and massage them for 5-10 minutes. After 20-30 minutes you can wash the solution off with water. To see noticeable results from this remedy it is recommended to repeat it twice a day for 1-2 months.

The fourth way to benefit from fennel would be to drink tea containing these seeds. There are already made teas containing fennel seeds that you can find and purchase in most local stores. You can also make the tea by using raw fennel seeds. Simply steep a couple of teaspoons of these seeds in hot water (about 10 minutes) and then strain them.

Also you can get all the benefits from Fennel Seed by taking one of the products for breast enlargement that contains it in formulation. Since Fennel is a popular component in these kinds of products you have a huge list of products that you can choose from. Some of the breast enhancement brands that contain these seeds in formulation are Breast Actives supplement, Total Curve and others. So you can get all the benefits from Fennel in terms of breast augmentation and some additional benefits by using one of these products.

Are there any Side Effects?

Fennel seeds are completely free from side effects and it is safe to use for most individuals. Due to the fact that safety of these seeds are not tested for pregnant or breastfeeding women, it is advised not to use it in these cases. Also there is small possibility that a small number of people might have allergies to fennel seeds. The risk of having these allergies is a bit higher among people who are allergic to carrots and mugwort. Also since fennel works by mimicking the effect of estrogen it is best to avoid usage of these seeds by people with breast, ovarian and other hormone sensitive cancers or conditions.

Foods that can increase Breast Size.

If you want to increase the size of your breasts naturally it is possible to do so by adding certain foods into your diet. What almost all sources about breast enlargement agree on is that having a diet that is rich in both vegetables and fruits is beneficial. This is because eating more of them can help to control the production of testosterone more efficiently. As it is quite well-known too high levels of testosterone in the body can negatively affect estrogen levels, which is a hormone responsible for breast development and size. So by eating enough of fruits and vegetables you can keep testosterone under control. Also these foods are beneficial for general health so it always a good idea to consume more of them.

Since breasts are mostly made of fatty tissue, eating more foods high in fat can also be beneficial for breast enlargement. However the main problem with this idea is that you do not have any control on where this fat might accumulate in your body. So basically by increasing your breast size this way you might end up gaining weight on other parts of your body too. This method should be definitely avoided if you have a tendency to accumulate weight in other parts of your body such as belly, thighs and not breast area.

The other types of foods that you might consider eating more constantly are phytoestrogen rich foods. These plant based estrogens act in a quite similar manner as estrogen and are able to affect breast tissue. For this reason it is thought that eating foods that are rich in plant based estrogen can help to enchase the size of breasts. Bellow you can find a list of some of the foods that contain the highest volumes of phytoestrogen in them.

flax-seeds-breast-size1. Flax seeds are among top seeds that contain high levels of phytoestrogens (379,380 mcg/100 g), which are quite commonly referred to as lignans. These seeds are quite commonly added to cereals and bread so you can consume them by eating other foods. Also you can eat them alone or add them to your salads, yoghurt and etc. It is also important to mention that there were a few studies done on this food in order to investigate if is beneficial for women with breast cancer. The results of one study concluded that flax seeds can in fact reduce the growth of tumor in breast cancer patients.

2. Garlic is quite commonly considered as one of the healthiest foods since it can help to treat various diseases and it is extremely beneficial for our health. Additionally garlic contains high levels of phytoestrogen (603 mcg/100g); therefore it can help with breast enhancement too. Since garlic have a specific taste it might be quite difficult for some people to eat it alone; however there are quite a lot of meals that you can add it to and enjoy all the health benefits of this food.

3. Just like flax seeds, sesame seeds also contain high volumes of phytoestrogens (8008 mcg/100g); therefore can be beneficial for enlargement of breasts. These seeds have quite good taste so it is often added to various meals and salads. Additionally you can also try sunflower and fennel seeds, which are rich sources of estrogen too.

soy-foods-for-breast-enhancement4. Soybeans are among the top soy products that contain the highest amounts of isoflavones. In fact all of the soy foods are rich in isoflavones and soybeans in particular contain 103920 mg/100g of phytoestrogens. So by adding moderate amounts of soybeans into your diet you can safely increase the levels of estrogen in your body. Other soy products that might be beneficial for increasing estrogen levels are SoymilkTofu and Soy Yoghurt. Soymilk on average has 2957 mcg/100g of phytoestrogens. Since Tofu is made from soymilk it also contains high levels of plant based estrogens (27150 mcg/100g). Additionally soy products are a good source of fiber, proteins; therefore they are beneficial for general health too. However it is important to avoid genetically modified soy products and only choose organic ones.

5. Certain types of breads also have high levels of plant based estrogen so it might be a good idea to eat more of it too. For instance flax bread can contain as much as 7540 mcg/100g while multigrain bread 4799 mcg/100g of phytoestrogens. So in case you are already eating bread it might be worthwhile to change it to either flax or multigrain bread.

6. Dried apricots are another food that contains high volumes of estrogen (445mcg/100g). If you are not a big fan of this particular food dried dates and prunes seems to have quite similar effect too.

Exercises to increase Breast Size.

One of the best ways to increase the size of your breasts naturally is to do exercises that would strengthen pectoral muscles. These muscles are bellow your breasts, so when they become larger your breasts will appear larger and fuller too. Doing exercises on pectoral muscles is extremely beneficial for women who have saggy breasts. While this is one of the safest methods to enlarge your breasts it is important to point out that you will not get desired results overnight and it requires quite a lot of patience. Nevertheless if you can implement these type of exercises in your routine at least a couple of times per week you will be able to get long lasting results. Bellow you can find a list of some of the most popular exercises that can help you increase the size of your breasts.

Wall press is one of the easiest and yet very effective exercises that can help to increase breast size. First of all you should find a wall in your house that would be empty and convenient to do this work out. To do this exercise you should stand about two or three feet away from a wall and your face should be in front of it. Your feet should have the same gap as your shoulder circumference. To start this exercise you should keep your hands outstretched so that they would be facing a wall. In the next step you should start leaning towards a wall until your nose will be close to the wall. And in the last step you should push your body back to a standing position. For the best results repeat this routine for 10-20 times. So as you can see wall press is quite similar to push-ups; however it is a bit easier and instead of a floor you use a wall.

push-ups-to-increase-breast-sizePush-ups are among the most effective exercises for breast enlargement. They can be easily done at the comfort of your home without you even going to the gym. To begin doing pushups your hands should be placed a bit wider than your shoulders. Additionally try to keep both your body and legs as straight as possible. In order to keep the right position of your neck you should try to keep your eyes focused a few feet ahead of you. To begin doing push-ups lower your body slowly until your chest almost touches the ground. Then push back to your beginning position and repeat this for as many times as possible. Since it might be quite difficult to do full pushups in the beginning you might start doing them by keeping your knees on the flow. And after your muscles start to get used to this exercise and becomes stronger you can switch to full pushups.

Another easy exercise that can be easily done at a comfort of your home is called palm pressing. To do this exercise you should put your hands in front of your chest area. Then bend your arms at the elbows in order to for form an angle of about 90 degrees. In the next step push both of your palms together and try to concentrate on chest lifting. Repeat the pressing of palms for as many times as possible. It is important to mention that when you do this exercise it is important keep arms in chest area since otherwise it might be less effective for increasing breast size.

Pectoral Fly is also quite beneficial exercise for women who want to strengthen and tone their breast muscles. However in order to perform this exercise you would need to have dumbbells. You can perform this exercise by lying either on the floor or bench. Before starting an exercise you can keep your legs straight or you can also bend your knees. To do this exercise you should raise both of the dumbbells in your arms so that they meet at the top of your chest. While doing this your elbows should be bend so that they would in line with your shoulders. Depending on the weight of your dumbbells you can repeat this for 10-20 times or even more.

So as you can see there are quite a lot of exercises that can help to make your breasts look bigger and firmer. These are only a few examples and after doing a short research you can definitely find some more exercises that you can do at your home. It is always a good idea to know more different exercises so that your workout routine would be less monotonic and you will be less likely to get bored.