Breast Success Review.

What you should know about Breast Success?

Breast-Success-breast-augmentationBreast Success offers three different products – supplement, tablets and cream for women who want to enchase their breast size and make their breasts look firmer. The formulation of a supplement consists of many different natural herbs and ingredients that contain high levels of plant based estrogens – phytoestrogens. These compounds are well known for their effectiveness in promoting growth of healthy breast tissues. In addition to breast augmentation Breast Success ingredients can help to minimize hormonal changes due to either menopause or PMS. A cream is designed from additional ingredients like Volufiline and Biobustyle that can help you get even better results in terms of breast enhancement.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of Breast Success supplement consists of 13 natural ingredients. All of the components that are included in the pill are almost the same as in Breast Actives so I am not going to review them in more detail. You can find how these components work for breast enhancement in this article on Breast Actives ingredients. There are only three ingredients in Breast Success that are not so common in breast enhancement supplements – Hops Extract (30 mg), Oat Grass (42 mg) and Black Cohosh Extract (42 mg).

  • breasts-success-ingredientsHops Extract. Traditionally this extract is used for treating anxiety or insomnia. The main reason why it is included in Breast Success is because it contains phytoestrogens, which can help to enchase breast size.
  • Oat Grass (Oat Straw). This ingredient is very beneficial for entire body since it reduces stress, anxiety. Also studies show that when Oat Grass is used together with Saw Palmetto it can greatly enchase results in terms of breast enhancement and boost sexual desire.
  • Black Cohosh Extract. More commonly this extract is used to lessen the symptoms of both PMS and menopause. Since Black Cohosh is able to mimic the effects of estrogen (hormone that regulates breast growth) it is also quite often included in breast enhancement pills.

Since Breast Success also offers a cream for breast enlargement it is worthwhile to take a look at what ingredients are included in it.

  • breast-success-creamVolufiline. There were a couple of studies done on this ingredient, which showed that Volufiline can help to increase the size of breast tissue by up to 8%. So it is no surprise why it is included in a couple popular breast enlargement creams (also Total Curve).
  • Biobustyle. According to Breast Success manufacturer this ingredient has breast enhancement properties; however there are no resources online that would provide information about this component in terms of breast enlargement.
  • Other ingredients: Natural Palm Stearic Oil, Glycerin USP, Emulsifying Wax, Soybean Oil, Purified Water and Beeswax.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Breast Success offers three products – supplement, cream and tablets that can be used together or separately;
  • The formulation of both supplement and tablets contains some of the most effective natural herbs for breast augmentation, so these products should definitely work for most women;
  • Breast Success contains only natural ingredients and herbs in formulation so you shouldn’t be worried about side effects;
  • All of Breast Success products are made in GMP Certifies Lab (USA);
  • One of the cheapest products available for breast enlargement;

Are there any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Breast Success claims that there are no side effects of using all of their products and they are all safe. Also there doesn’t seem to any reports from users either which is a good indication that there are in fact no side effects of using both of these products. However just like with any breast enhancement product is it probably best to avoid using Breast Success while being pregnant or breastfeeding.

What do consumer reviews say?

Since this breast enhancement product is not very popular yet, there aren’t many testimonials that would either confirm or reject its effectiveness. However from the feedback that you can find it can be said that reviews of Breast Success are quite mixed. Nevertheless there are definitely more positive testimonials than negative so it can be said that it works for most women. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Breast Success supplement bellow.

Review #1: It works, but I had to take it for 2 months to see anything. Been taking for 6 1/2 months and have gone from a B to a D. So don’t get in a hurry and keep taking them. Herbs take time.

Review #2: Totally works! I saw my breast increase in size within the first two weeks. The only problem is that you have to continue to take them once you stop your breast start to go right back to their normal size.

For more consumer reviews of Breast Success visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use it.

Each bottle of Breast Success supplement contains 90 pills. By taking three pills daily it would be enough to use one bottle for the whole month. In case you will choose to use Breast Success tablets instead you will need to take only one pill per day. This product is definitely less effective than a supplement since you would be getting three times lower dosage of ingredients. If you will also choose to use Breast Success cream it is best to use it once per day before going to bed.

Where to buy Breast Success and what is the Price?

buy-breast-successYou can buy all of Breast Success products on popular online websites like Amazon or EBay. Since usually discounts are a bit better on Amazon we recommend buying from this website. The price of a supplement varies between $13 and $70 for one bottle so you can buy it very cheaply in case there is a discount. A cream of Breast Success is a bit more expensive and you can buy it for $15-$60 on Amazon. There are also discounts available for multiple bottles so it is worthwhile to consider them too.

Click here to find Breast Success on Amazon.

Breast Success vs Breast Actives.

When we compare Breast Actives and Breast Success supplements it can be said that they share very similar formulation so they should work equally well. Even though Breast Success has a bit lower dosage of components in the pill the daily serving is the same since you need to take 3 pills daily. Basically it can be said that Breast Success supplement is just a cheaper copy of Breast Actives. I use a word ‘copy’, because Breast Actives is around for far more years.

When we compare creams of these two breast enhancement brands it can be said that they are totally different and Breast Actives definitely has better ingredients (Pueraria Mirifica and Red Clover Extract). On the other hand Breast Success cream only includes one ingredient (Volufiline), which showed to be effective for increasing breast size in a few studies.

When we compare reviews and user testimonials of these two products it can be said that Breast Actives has better success rate. So the final idea is that if you want better quality product for breast enhancement and are willing to spend extra ~$10-$15 per month we would definitely recommend Breast Actives rather than Breast Success.